Purging Compound for Blow Molding

What Are the Best Ways of Purging Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

In an uninterrupted process like extrusion blow molding, contamination can have a negative impact on the bottom line of your business. Once contamination starts, it is nearly impractical to prevent it without aggressive intrusion – generally through a screw pull or with the use of a purging material.

Contamination and carbon buildup need screw pulls. Though screw pulls are essential at a regular interval, manufacturing units that fall short to take precautionary action will experience unwanted interruption. Remember, cleaning your screws more frequently than required can have a costly impact on your manufacturing facility.

If you are looking to successfully purge your extrusion blow molding machine, here are the two methods you want to give a try:

Use a top-notch purging material:

A potent way to purge your extrusion blow molding machine is to make use of a good-quality purging material. In most of the events, changeovers are drastically reduced with the utilization of good-quality purging compound for blow molding, since they get rid of residue & impurities.

By design, extrusion blow molding & accumulators are low-pressure areas. The low-pressure setting of extrusion blow molding cause difficulty when it comes to cleaning specific areas. As mechanical purging material need highest pressure, they aren’t always ideal for this applications. Instead, you can go with a chemical purging material.

Depending on the purging material you are using, the purging practices for the extrusion blow molding process will differ. If you are not sure how to give your extrusion blow molding machine a deep clean, it is recommended to get in touch with your purging material supplier.

You can contact UNICLEANPLUS if you are looking for Purging Compounds Free Sample before placing actual order for your manufacturing facility. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with our purging process experts if you are not sure which purging compound will best suit your blow molding machine.

Implement a preventive maintenance program & purging process:

There’re so many advantages of executing a preventative maintenance program and purging process at your plastic processing unit. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Stopping the accumulation of color & carbon impurity
  • Minimizing excess purging time and material waste at the end of production runs.
  • Restraining the regularity of screw pulls and lessening the effort and time needed to pull and clean your screw manually.

Excess downtime unconstructively hinders your capability to fulfill or surpass your business expectations. By making use of a high-quality purging compound for blow molding and taking precautionary actions, you surely can maximize efficiency and output at your plastic production facility.

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