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Thank you so much for the expert purging solution. We consider UNICLEANPLUS™ as our dependable partner for purging needs. They are very good in terms of performance and delivery lead times.

We're very pleased with the ease of use and the effectiveness of the purging compound. It also helped us to reduce the downtime of the machine and increased productivity! We are able to cut down our purge wastage by 60% by using UNICLEANPLUS™ purging solution.

Vimala P. Manager, Gujarat

We are really happy with the prompt assistance provided and the effectiveness of the product. After purging with UNICLEANPLUS™, it was quickly clean, spotless and a great savior. We haven’t seen the same results with any other purging products.

We are able to work more effectively, produce more, and have fewer unplanned machine stops thanks to it.

Kamal A. President & CEO, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Purging Compound for Blow Molding

Are you experiencing difficulty in material changeover or black specks? Try our purging compound to see the difference! 

UNICLEANPLUS™ offers the highest quality purging compounds free sample for trial. Our grades prove to be efficient and substantial cost savings. Our expert team has extensive years of experience and knowledge to assist you in selecting the best purging compound grade as per your requirement. With our purging compounds, you are going to experience high productivity and a cost reduction.

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Our expert team responds to you within 24 hours of your request for a purging compounds free sample request . You will receive an email or phone call response from our expert quick enough to get all your questions regarding UNICLEANPLUS™ purging products answered. With our purging experts, you can realize the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of UNICLEANPLUS™ purging products.

Top Features and Benefits of UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compounds:

  • It is best for fast resin change, color change for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.
  • Enjoy easy preventive maintenance for your thermoplastic equipment.
  • Highly efficient for a safe and easy purging process.
  • Experience reduction in process equipment downtime and scrap.
  • It is uniquely formulated to ensure a safe purging experience that proves to be non-Abrasive and non-hazardous for your thermoplastic molding and equipment.
  • It eliminates carbon build-up, degraded materials, and cross-contamination.
Purging Compound for Extruders
Purging Material

Choose Only the Best with UNICLEANPLUS™!

It is essential to choose the right purging compound for your requirement or applications. We are here to provide you with the best assistance and guidance to select the best and highly efficient purging compound grade as per your need. Contact our expert team to get the best purging solutions for your purging issues to save time and money. Get expert advice on our purging compounds! We offer trial quantities of purging products for testing a purge! Reach us today to request a purging compounds free sample and get started saving money and time on every purge!

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