Purging Compound for Injection Molding

Purging a plastic injection molding machine with resin for color changes or carbon removals usually leads to expensive waste & loss of production time. Apart from choosing the right purging compound for injection molding, there’re a few best practices and procedures your business should follow to make sure the purging process is fast & thorough.

Our high-quality purging compounds are ready-to-use, pre-mixed compound that can be successfully used in the injection molding process for getting rid of

  • Burned streaks
  • Foreign contaminants
  • Un-melted resins
  • Tarnished leftovers from the machine barrel.

Injection molders can harvest many benefits after a purge, including lesser scrap parts, fewer carbon accumulation in the barrel, exclusion of colour hanging up in the tool, and a drop in colour changing time & overall changeover time. The downtime is also significantly decreased.

Purging Instructions For Plastic Injection Molding Machine:

  • Ensure that all zones are in the correct temperature range for the grade of UNICLEANPLUS purging compound being used.
  • Pull back the injection unit. Unfilled screw & barrel. Clean hopper & feed throat.
  • Feed 1-2 barrel capacities of UNICLEANPLUS purging compound into the feed throat.
  • With the screw totally forward, increase the backpressure to the highest level.
  • Once UNICLEANPLUS purging compound starts to come through the nozzle, accelerate the screw speed to the highest safe level.
  • Reduce the backpressure once the purging compound coming from the nozzle is nearly clean.
  • Pull back the screw and execute short, preferablyhigh-speed injection shots.
  • Repeat step number 3-7 if pollutants are still detectible.
  • Purging compound remaining in the machine gets dislocated with the next resin.

So you have decided to use UNICLEANPLUS Purging Material for Injection Moulding! Feel free to schedule a free consultation with one of our purging compound experts!

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