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UNICLEANPLUS™ products are highly efficient purging compounds developed to match various materials, machines, and operating ranges of plastics process producing a wide range of end products.

UNICLEANPLUS™  offers breakthrough purging  performance for commodity plastics, engineering plastics, specialty plastics and high temperature plastics

Our technology splits the molecular bonds of carbon and color form screw barrel unlike general mechanical scrubbing that can damage the equipment.

We are specialized in providing highly effective purging solutions for the following applications:

Our Core Values


High Cleaning power of UNICLEANPLUS™  guarantees faster material and color change and reduces molding material loss.


Reduces loss of molding material. Removes contamination in screw and barrel, thus reducing rejection rate. Leaves less residue in molding machine due to unique formulation. As a result, the next molding operation can start smoothly & quickly.

Easy Use

Pallet form for ease of handling and broad operating ranges that permits cleaning with no adjustment of barrel temperatures.


Non- toxic and non- abrasive on machine & mold elements

Core Values- Unicleanplus

Other products from the house of UNICLEANPLUS™


UNICOOL-color masterbatch

Wide range of colors, white and black masterbatches to meet product appeal. Capability of accurate & wide color development

Lubricating Agent for Thermoplastic

UNILUB- Lubricating Agent

lubricated additive when added to thermoplastic resin offer lubrication property thus improving processing, appearance and quality of part

UV additive

ULTRAUNI- UV additive

Specialty masterbatches to provide UV weathering resistance to polymer products will help to increase performance during exposure to environmental conditions

Antistatic agent for Polymers

UNISTAT- Antistatic Agent

Highly effective antistatic compounds for wide range of polymers

Fragrance Additive

UNIFRAG- Fragrance Agent

Specialty masterbatches to provide wide range of fragrance to your product

Antifog agent for Polymers

Unifog- Antistatic agent

UNIFOGPLUS antifog agents are incorporated into the polymer and migrates to the part or film surface.

It prevent the accumulation of steam, causing small droplets thus preventing fogging effect.

Our Mission

UNICLEANPLUS™ mission is supported by our core value: Sustainability. Everything we do should contribute to a more sustainable world. To us, achieving sustainability means simultaneously pursuing economic performance, environmental quality and social responsibility. In other words, we strive to create value on the three dimensions of People, Planet and Profit simultaneously.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred world leader in specialty polymer compounds and additive. From Vision to Value long-term relationships are built on strong chemistry. And our desire to collaborate sets UNICLEANPLUS™ apart in our industry.We form relationships built on the curiosity and empathy needed to understand customer challenges, both big and small.We recognize what is important, delivering answers that are tailored and cost-efficient.

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