Purging Material

Purging Material – Address The Challenges Of The Thermoplastic Processors

Unlike injection molding, the extrusion process is a continuous process. Purging procedures for thermoplastic extruders must be performed often to avoid issues with product waste, production downtime, and untimely breakdowns.

A purging compound is a product most thermoplastic procedures use to clean screws, nozzles, die of injection moulding machines, extruders, mold, and hot runners. They are used to minimize machine downtime and scrap rates during colour or material changes.

UNICLEANPLUS is the leading purging compounds supplier that provides highly effective purging solutions for various applications. The purging compounds are highly efficient and developed to cover a wide range of operating temperatures, process applications, and equipment types. We provide the highest quality purging material for injection moulding and address the issues of the thermoplastic processors and enhance their operations and performance.

The Best Purging Material for Thermoplastics Industry

The thermoplastics industry requires efficiency, precision, and consistency. We serve the thermoplastics sector by developing uniquely formulated purging materials to fulfill customers’ needs.  They are the best for thermoplastics applications like extrusion, blow molding, and injection molding.

Why Are Our Purging Compounds The Best?

UNICLEANPLUS’s purging material ensures better cleaning, prevents unwanted wastage, and saves you money. You can use our purging products for a hassle-free cleaning experience for injection moulding, blow mounding, and extrusion. Enjoy quick turn over time and save money by using our greatly efficient purging products.

Our purging compounds work with various manufacturing processes and temperatures. They are 100% safe, non-abrasive, and non-toxic purging products. We provide our customers only with the best purging material for extruder. Also, our purging products can match the requirement of advanced thermoplastic applications.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Purging Compound?

  1. Reduce downtime: The value of time in a production facility surely cannot be missed. Reduce the time wasted in resin changeovers with purging material.
  2. Reduces scrap: Effectively clear out last production resins and colours residues effectively reducing the amount of waste generated. This enhances factory productivity and efficiency.
  1. Prevent screw pulls: The contamination needs to be removed. And if you do not clean the machine properly, you will have to pull out the screw to do a manual cleaning at some point.
  2. Eliminate contamination: The cleaning formulation in purging material will help you to remove carbon residues, gels, colour streaks during production changeovers. This reduces the factory rejection rates and avoids annoying machine stops during production.
  3. Cost-effective: Purging compounds help to decrease cost by reducing downtime and scrap during colour and material changes. When evaluating this solution, all factors must be considered like labour, scrap, customer satisfaction, material, machine, lost production, and purging compound price.
  4. Reduced rejection rates: By cleaning the machine properly after a colour/material change or long shutdown, you can prevent product rejections by your quality team.

For detailed information and expert advice on purging material, feel free to contact UNICLEANPLUS today! Visit us for highly efficient purging compound for plastic.

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