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A perfect purging compound for your injection molding needs is available here. UNICLEANPLUS being a leading supplier of purging material has the right solution for you. We welcome you. For the right purging compound for your industry visit UNICLEANPLUS today. Choosing our products in your molding industry will help you with efficient production. So, are you ready to have an excellent quality of purging compounds? Let’s take a look at what purging compounds are.

What is a purging compound?

Purging compounds are resin-based products used for thermoplastic machine screw barrel cleaning. Purging is the process of eliminating the contamination or past run plastic resin and replacing them with clean next run material. For this purging process, it is very essential to have the right and efficient purging compound selection.

For the right performing purging material, you can consult us. We assure an efficient purging solution with our highly efficient purging compounds.

Uses of purging compounds – It is used to speed up material changes, reduce contamination. It cleans thermoplastic molding machines of different types.

We have the knowledge to select the right solutions for your purging processes.

You can get high-quality purging material for injection molding from us. Our purging compounds are very efficient. Our injection molding purging compounds grades will bring you many benefits like lessening downtime, and fewer scrap parts.

Our Purging Compound for Injection Molding

The purging compound from UNICLEANPLUS will help you in making the purging process fast and perfect.

The purging material will help in getting rid of burned streaks, Unmelted resins, tarnish justifyovers, and foreign contaminants.

UNICLEANPLUS recommends following the right purging instructions for the plastic injection molding machine for getting desired results.

Purging procedure –

  • First of all, make sure that all zones have the correct temperatures for the grade of our purging compound being used.
  • Then pull the injection unit back away from the mold.
  • Clean the hopper and feed the throat.
  • Empty the left over material of past production run as much as possible
  • Then feed the UNICLEANPLUS purging compound to the feed throat.
  • Increase the backpressure to the highest level, making sure that the screw is fully forward.
  • Accelerate the screw speed to a high safety level when our purging compound starts coming through the nozzle.
  • Once you get a clean purge, pull back to the required setting and start regular shots with the next production material.
  • Then if you still find the pollutants repeat steps 2-7.
  • Any traces of purging compound left over in the machine will get dislocated and come out with the next resin.

Specialties of our purging compounds

The compounds from UNICLEANPLUS are very efficient. They do the right job. They are capable of making the purging process smooth and easy. Our purging compounds are manufactured by an expertise team. Hence, be sure of reliable purging products from UNICLEANPLUS.

Apart from choosing the right purging compound grade, effective purging requires following the right procedures and processes. This will make the purging process completely thorough.

UNICLEANPLUS has the best purging compound solution for your industry. We guarantee you the best of the best purging material for injection molding. If you wish to know about purging compounds in detail or about the instructions then do not hesitate to contact UNICLEANPLUS.

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