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A blow molding machine produces intricate hollow parts and containers that are used in hundreds of applications from beverage bottles, medical tubing, watercraft hulls and complex engineering parts. That’s why it stands to reason that a blow molding machine is just about the most critical piece of plastic machinery in the world — because if it doesn’t work, no one else can make products.

Our purging compound for blow molding machines is specially formulated to help remove contamination from the molding during the pre-blow process. Made from quality ingredients, our purging compound for blow molding machines gives you a product that offers extended life to your machinery, without sacrificing operator convenience.

When your extrusion blow molding machine is not in production, carbon deposits and color can build up. This is due to a wide range of reasons from the temperature control used for heating, that the molding process will use. This causes a yellowish color to develop on the die, screw and barrel making cleaning quite difficult. Our purging compound for extruders allows for both the machine and the die to be purged in one continuous process.

It can be used to clean a hot runner mold and removes carbon and color deposits. This compound has been extensively refined to work exceptionally well with Blow Molding Machines that utilize pigmentation or coloring agents. It works quickly without causing any damage to any bit of the system.

Our extrusion blow molding product are specially engineered purging compound used for cleaning extrusion blow molding machines. To ensure optimal performance during the production, this product must be mixed at certain ratios. This product is a commercial grade and can be purchased in quantities as per your requirements.

If you are looking for Purging Compounds Free Sample before large volume order, UNICLEANPLUS™ would be happy to help. Our goal is to offer the best quality purging material to address the challenges of the thermoplastic processors that enhance their performance and operations. Feel free to contact the most trusted purging compound supplier on +91 9021232809!

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