Purging Compound for Injection Molding

Reasons to Depend On UNICLEANPLUS for Quality Purging Compound

You have many choices open when you opt to purchase purging compounds for your plastic processing machinery. The low price may attract you, but in doing so, you have to face many drawbacks. If you buy low-cost purging compounds, it means the product is subpar, takes longer to clean, does not restrict high scrap rates, and sometimes requires more compounds to clean. However, if you are with us at UNICLEANPLUS when you intend to buy a purging compound for injection molding, it is for sure you will have a quality product and not face the drawbacks mentioned above. This is because we have a highly functional research and development cell responsible for developing various purging compounds and maintaining quality. We do not claim that we are the best, but we are one of India’s best purging compound producers.

Let us see why reputed thermoplastic organizations depend on us for the best quality purging compound in India and abroad.

Developed clean injection molding machines

Sometimes we notice that companies try to mix different products with purging compounds to have an effective cleaning. However, as these items like virgin resin or laundry detergent are not purging compounds, they do not add effectiveness but hamper the cleaning process and machine condition.

It is certain that the purging substance you employ in injection molding machines will be a plastic resin compound made specifically for cleaning plastic processing equipment. Our purging agents can be used to clean downstream equipment like extrusion dies and hot runners as well as carbon and color contaminations.

Material empathy for the product

You cannot expect that a subpar compound has a formulation keeping material affinity in mind. Therefore, it is always wise to use purging compounds specially crafted for the material you need to clean. As our purging compounds are such, you can expect to have the best cleaning, leaving less residue, and removing the build-up of contamination in your machinery.

Purging Material Injection Moulding

Less residue

Our high-quality purging compound will help you have less residue to make it possible to have a rapid and productive purging. It may be that using other purging compounds; you may be facing problems with residues; however, if you use our products designed for the residue-sensitive application, you will never face such issues.

Ideal for thermal sealing

Our purging compounds are ideal for thermally sealing the screws and barrels during machine shutdown. It also ensures that there will be complete removal of heat-sensitive resin left from the production run.

Products of different grades

It is also possible to have purging compounds of different grades from us. Moreover, all our products are 100% safe, non-toxic, and non-abrasive. We also make it possible to have free samples so that you can test a purging compound and then buy in bulk.

So, when you desire to purchase a high-quality purging compound for injection molding, do remember us at UNICLEANPLUS.

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