Purging Compound for Injection Molding

The Issues Faced During Molding and the Way Out

If you are into thermoplastic molding, you must have faced various contamination issues. Below we detail some of the problems you may face and the way out.


If you notice black specks or colour specks, you need to understand that there are issues with contamination. The best way to get rid of such problems is to use a purging compound for injection molding from us at UNICLEANPLUS. Along with this, you need to ensure the following.

You need to review the resin handling system and ensure that no foreign materials are mixed with virgin or regrindYou may also need to switch to all virgin for isolating sources. Next, you must use our purging compound to clean the barrel, hopper, dryer and hose lines. It would be best if you also cleaned the grinders, filters and containers. You also need to ensure that the magnet is in place and that there is nothing attached.

If you use our compounds, you can inevitably have the best cleaning. Before starting the process, you must ensure that all the zones have the adequate temperature range as required according to the compound you are using. You do not have to worry about the remaining cleaning compound in the machine. It will have dislocation with the next resin.

Black specks 

If you are manufacturing pigmented parts, you do not need to worry about black specks. This is because the pigment hides such specks, which are non- miscible particles. However, black specks will be a problem if you are manufacturing transparent parts.

If you face such a problem, you need to increase purge melt temperature, which will help remove degraded resins. It would help if you purged well, using purging material for injection moulding that you have from us. You also need to remove the screws and clean the tips and rings to ensure there are no dead spots. You also need to inspect the virgin, regrind and concentrate to see if there is any foreign material.


There may be various reasons for discolouration. For example, it can happen to the pallets or the final product. If you face such a problem, use our purging material to clean until the resin runs clear.

The best part about being with us is that we offer free samples of purging material. You can use the same to determine the compound suited for cleaning your machinery and tackling such issues. We ensure the quality of the purging compound for injection molding you purchase from us. It will never happen that you have substandard material from us. So, you can depend on us for quality purging material at an affordable price.

So, do call us when you require purging material in future.

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