Purging Compound Injection Molding

The Primary Source of Black Spots in an Injection Molding Process

A widespread problem that manufacturers face is carbon contamination. However, suppose we at UNICLEANPLUS, the best purging compound supplier, have a look at our client base. In that case, we notice that they misinterpret the reason for having black specks happening during production. As we tried to find the actual culprit, we found that heat was the real antagonist. Therefore, if you concentrate on where heat is hindering smooth output, it is possible to solve the majority of the problem associated with black specks.

The prolonged time gap between machine stops and starts

We notice that most of our clients call us after the holidays complaining about black specks. Analyzing the situation, we determined that the weekend shutdown was the culprit. What happens is that thermoplastic molecules have a breakdown into carbon residues when subjected to heat. These residues settle inside the machine and come out as black specks when the machine starts production again on Mondays.

The best way to avoid such wastage is to use our purging compound for injection molding on Friday night before the closing operation. This will clear out all the carbon residues developed and will not cause any problems when you start new production on Monday morning.

It is wise to clean the barrel, as that will help you get rid of any resins susceptible to high temperatures. You do not need to perform magic, but buy our purging compound for injection moulding machine. After the preventive cleaning, never leave the barrel empty, as oxidation may also lead to the breakdown of the resins. So, the ideal time to clean is before the downtime.

We would also try to note that it is wise to use Polypropylene and Polyethylene. If there is a chance of high residency PP and PE are affordable and easy to clean. So, after cleaning, fill the barrel with PP or PE to avoid carbonization from occurring when you start the machine.

Materials behaving differently at varying temperature

If you use a combination of materials that behaves differently at various temperatures, you can have the problem of black specks. Resins like PVC, POM, and SAN, are challenging to change to varying temperatures. The way out is to use PP and PE. These can work below 300°C and can tolerate even higher temperatures.

You can select from our purging compounds free sample and establish the purging compound best suited to clean such resins.

So, you can see that you can easily avoid the problem of black specks when you use our purging compound. We maintain strict quality while manufacturing our products. We have a long list of satisfied customers establishing our reputation in the market. We undertake R&D to formulate new purging materials so you can have the ideal one to clean your machines.

So, when you desire the best quality purging compound from a professional purging compound supplier, do remember us at UNICLEANPLUS.

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