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People often think of Purging Compounds as an optional way to clean their thermoplastic or extrusion moulder machines! But it is wrong! UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compounds present remarkable opportunities for the machines and their operation. You can add it as a part of preventive maintenance of your Injection Moulding, Extruders, and Blow Moulders 

UNICLEANPLUS™ Purge Compounds offer solutions for a variety of process applications. It is useful in tackling issues like colour, material contamination, black spots, and streaking encountered by thermoplastics manufacturers. It is a unique product that helps you with temperature-related contamination too.

Your thermoplastic or extrusion moulding machines & equipment are expensive. Previously, Purging Compounds were perceived as not effective for hot runner systems. However, UNICLEANPLUS™ has revolutionized this perception. It is now endorsed by leading hot runner machine manufacturers as a highly efficient solution. The nonabrasive nature makes a safe solution. It is twenty times more effective at colour or material changeover than traditional solutions.

The UNICLEANPLUS™ line of Purging Compounds is designed to tackle the obstacles encountered by thermoplastic processors. Do you think faster colour changes? Do you need better end quality? Do you want your machine to run smoothly? Simply put, UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound. Being the leading- Purging Compound Supplier we help you get the best quality Purging Compound. It will add value to your operations. It can assist you in the following:

  •       Colour change
  •       Material change
  •       Scrap reduction
  •       Black spot (black speck) removal
  •       Preventative maintenance.

The portfolio of our UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound covers a wide array of process applications, polymers, operating temperatures, and equipment types. It could be the best brand that matches your specific situation.  We design it to improve your operations and reduce scrap.

Our extensive range of UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compounds offers support for a diverse range of applications. These exceptional products introduce both innovation and sustainability to your thermoplastics process. Incorporating them into your existing process is a simple task. 

UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compounds have a remarkable impact on the efficiency of your process. Injection Moulders, Extruders, and Blow Moulders all experience significant benefits from utilizing our UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound. It effectively reduces scrap, allowing you to minimize waste. By thoroughly cleaning contamination from your screw and barrel, it helps you avoid costly downtime. A clean machine leads to improved performance, enabling you to produce high-quality parts more quickly by removing previous resins. 

Our UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compounds effectively remove residual resins, preventing carbon contamination and black specks. Unlike other Purging Compounds, UNICLEANPLUS™ does not adhere to metal surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning of the screw and barrel. It sets your team up for success by reducing colour or material changeover times, minimizing the production of defective parts, and decreasing both man-hours and machine costs. It will ultimately give you a significant competitive advantage and increase your profits.

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