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Reasons Why You Should Use UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Material

How do injection moulding machine owners and extruders of thermoplastic producers clean their machines? They use the products called Purging Materials and Purging Compounds in the machine cleaning process. It will remove the residues of screws, nozzles, mould, hot runners. We offer our clients our innovative UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Material for Injection Molding. It can lower the machine downtimes and scrap rates when changing the material or colour, instead of using virgin resin to purge.

Regardless of the particle size, contamination costs money. We use Purging Compounds with ingredients like emulsifiers, abrasives or foam agents that help to clean the barrel faster from any impurities. From big parts such as automotive instrument panels to small medical components, there is a UNICLEANPLUS™ product to get the job done. It is useful if you need to purge through an open or closed mould.

We have created an innovative product to simplify and speed up the process. Our Purging Compound for Injection Molding easily rinses out of the machine and never leaves any sticky residue behind. It will clean the hard-to-reach places in your machine such as check rings, and mixing nozzles efficiently. UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Material & Purging Compounds are capable of passing seamlessly through hot runner systems.

Why should you use the UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound? It’s faster and more effective. We use Purging Compounds with premium quality ingredients like emulsifiers, abrasives or foam agents. It can clean the barrel faster from any impurities. Our products are specially designed for this purpose. It’s simply faster and more efficient than using resins that were designed to be molded into parts. It will remove the impurities out of the system.

Advantages of UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compounds on Injection Molding Machines

1. Reduces Scrap
UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound clears out the last production resins and color residues effectively. It will reduce the amount of waste generated. It enhances your factory performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

2. Reduces Downtime
UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound reduces the time wasted in resin changeovers. It will enhance the value of time in a production facility!

3. Eliminate Contamination
The chemical components of the UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound help in removing carbon residues, color streaks and gels during production changeovers. It reduces your factory waste and prevents frustrating interruptions in your operations.

4. Avoid Screw Pulls
Failing to clean the machine thoroughly will result in having to remove the screw and do a manual cleaning eventually. The UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound removes contamination to a great extent.

5. Eliminate Contamination from the Hot Runners
You may face longer injection molding changeovers when there are persistent color deposits in the hot runners. Now, you can find UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compounds that can be used safely through the mould. It is useful in this scenario.

6. Diminish Rejection Rates
Properly cleaning the machine after a material/color change or long-shutdown will prevent product rejections by the quality team and customer.

7. Inexpenssive
You can save money using the UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compound, which minimizes waste and interruptions during color and material transitions.

Take advantage of our UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Compounds on your Injection Molding machines. To see all the UNICLEANPLUS™ grades and their effectiveness for Purging Injection Molding machines, visit our website today!

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